List of Monuments and Sites: GINGEE SUB-CIRCLE

Sl.No. Name of the Monument Locality District
1 Fortress comprising hill fort on the Rajagiri, the inner and lower fort, and lines of Fortification connecting the Rajagiri, Krishnagiri and Chakkil durg (Orme’s St. George mountain) Hill. Gingee Villupuram
2 In the minor and Lower forts :- (a)   i. Inner fort, Venugopala temple called “Bajanai kudam” with large polished slab and five carved figures in three panels, a granary, a gymnasium, Kalyana mahal (ii) Stables and barracks, the remains of Mahabutkhan’s Mosque, (iii) Anaikulam tank and (b) Lower fort, Chakkaraikulam and chettikulam ponds, a dais with two idols, representing Kamalakkanniamman and with two symbols of serpent god, the masonry platform of Desingh’s funeral pyre and his girl wife’s sati, idol of Hunuman Gingee Villupuram
3 Old Jail near Pondicherry gate and two Persian inscriptions on the outer surface of the last two bastions in the south of the eastern wall of the inner fort Gingee Villupuram
4 Saad-at-allah Khan’s mosque with Persian inscriptions on pondicherry gate (A.D 1713) Gingee Villupuram
5 Two granaries, a magazine, flag staff, Ranganatha temple, Kamalakkanniamman temple and the sacrificial slab in front of it, a big cannon, a treasury and the audience hall on the Rajagiri Gingee Villupuram
6 Two granaries, Well for storing ghee, well for storing oil, two temples and an audience chamber on the Krishnagiri Gingee Villupuram
7 Venketaramana Temple with inscriptions in Tamil, prisoners well Gingee Villupuram
8 Outside the fort:- (1)     Pattabirama temple and (2) Twelve pillared mandapa Narasingarayanpettai Villupuram
9 Twenty four jain figures in two rows, a standing nude figure, two fragments of a sitting figure and two inscriptions on Tirunathankunnu Sirukadambur Villupuram
10 Rock cut Pallava Temple Dalavanur Villupuram
11 Pallava rock cut shrine Kilmavilangai Villupuram
12 Rock cut Pallava temple Mandagapattu Villupuram
13 Vinnamparai rock containing pallava inscriptions Thondur Villupuram
14 Talagiriswara temple and a cave containing an image of Durga and Pallava inscriptions together with adjacent land comprised in survey plot no. 396 Panamalai Villupuram
15 Sri Azhagiya Narasimma perumal temple Ennayiram Villupuram
16 Sri Pataleswara Temple Brahmadesam Villupuram
17 Sri Brahmapuriswara Temple Brahmadesam Villupuram
18 Sri Apathsahayeswara Temple and Gateway with Horses Sendamangalam Villupuram
Sl.No. Name of the Site Locality District
1 Urn burial site Kadagambattu Villupuram
2 Megalithic Cairns and Stone circles Sengamedu Villupuram
3 Megalithic stone circles Tiruvakkarai Villupuram
  Number of Monuments 18  
  Number of Sites 3  
  Total 21