List of Monuments and Sites: VELLORE SUB-CIRCLE

Sl.No. Name of the Monument Locality District
1 Jalakantesvara temple Vellore Vellore
2 Fort Vellore Vellore
3 Old Mosque inside the Fort Vellore Vellore
4 Somanatha temple Melpadi Vellore
5 Cholesvara temple Melpadi Vellore
6 Jain Sculptures and Snscriptions on the Hill Vallimalai Vellore
7 Subramanyaswamy Temple Vallimalai Vellore
8 Ranganatha Temple Erukkampattu Vellore
9 Delhi Gate Arcot Vellore
10 Cannon Arcot Vellore
11 Masjid and two ponds in the west of the Citadel Arcot Vellore
12 Adjoining building to the Masjid and two ponds Arcot Vellore
13 Natural caverns known as Virupakshi guha and Skandashram and path leading from Ramanashram Tiruvannamalai Tiruvannamalai
14 Rock-cut temple and sculptures Siyamangalam Tiruvannamalai
15 North-east corner of the outer rampart of the old Fort at Arcot Muppaduvetti Vellore
16 Jain temple Tirumalai Tiruvannamalai
17 Svayambunatha temple Kilputhur Tiruvannamalai
18 Rock, sculptures and caves Vilappakkam Vellore
19 Rock inscription in the right flank of the Sholingar tank Sholingur Vellore
Sl.No. Name of the Site Locality District
1 Pre-historic site Mottur Thrivannamalai
2 Megalithic Cists and Cairns Nedungal Thrivannamalai
3 Megalithic Cists Tellur Thrivannamalai
4 Megalithic Cists Tetturai Thrivannamalai
5 Megalithic Cists Venkunnam Thrivannamalai
  Number of Monuments 19  
  Number of Sites 5  
  Total 24